Brittle Hair or Nails? Headaches or CRAMPS? Bumps or Acne? You Likely Have THIS Deficiency

Different vitamin and mineral deficiencies are associated with various health issues. Below you have a list of 5 common symptoms along with the vitamin and mineral deficiency which is to blame.Brittle Hair or Nails Headaches or CRAMPS Bumps or Acne You Likely Have THIS Deficiency

  1. Headaches and/or Muscle Cramps: Magnesium Deficiency

Nearly 75 percent of the North American population is deficient in magnesium, making it one of the most common mineral deficiencies. This mineral is crucial for the function of the nervous system, it alleviates muscle cramping and headaches, relaxes nerves and tense muscles, and it also promotes better sleep. There are various ways to boost your magnesium intake, such as eating green leafy veggies like collard greens and kale, adding Vega One Nutritional Shake in your smoothie, or simply add Epsom salts to your baths.

  1. Acne/ Zinc

Acne often indicates zinc deficiency since it regulates the production of oil in the skin and adds brightness and color to the complexion. Besides regenerating skin cells,  soothing inflammation, and accelerating the healing process, zinc also inhibits acne causing 5-alhpa- reductase activity, the enzyme which turns testosterone into pimple-promoting for. To fight acne and get more zinc, consume about 30mg daily which is quite easy as only quarter of cup of pumpkin seeds yields more than half of the RDA.

  1. Dry/Broken/Brittle Hair, Brittle Nails: Biotin Deficiency

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is vital for the hair. Biotin deficiencies are rare since it is abundant mineral in many sources. The major signs of this deficiency include brittle hair, hair loss, hair breakage and brittle nails. So, if you want to strengthen your hair and nails, adding more foods rich in biotin in your diet is the right thing to do.

  1. Thinning Hair: Iron Deficiency

Being crucial for the transportation of oxygen and other nutrients to the hair follicles, iron is essential for hair`s health. Therefore, it is not surprising that low iron levels/ anemia are associated with hair loss.

  1. White Little Bumps on Back of Arm: Essential Fatty Acids

White little bumps, which are typically found on the back of the arm, usually stem from fatty acid imbalance.  To be precise, low levels of omega-3-fats are to blame. These fats are anti-inflammatory, meaning that it reduces inflammation of the bumps and prevents hardening within the hair follicle.