Eliminate All Poisons from Your Body in 48 Hours – A Weekend Detoxification Plan

Lack of energy, constant feeling of tiredness, dry skin, and dark circles around your eyes are some of the most common signs which suggest that your body is full of toxins. When the organism is in such terrible state, it creates an environment where bacteria and viruses can thrive, which may lead to a development of serious diseases over time. In such conditions, the body needs to be detoxification immediately.

Eliminate All Poisons from Your Body in 48 Hours – A Weekend Detoxification Plan

In this article, we will share a weekend detoxification plan which should be performed several times a year. This detox process will help cleanse the following five organs: lymph, lungs, intestines, liver, and kidneys. During the detox period, you will need to eat low-fat foods, potatoes, meat, and drink plenty of liquids. We strongly recommend you to perform the detox even if you don’t feel any of the symptoms mentioned above.


  • Drink 250 ml/8.4 oz. of warm water on an empty stomach each morning after waking up.


  • Breakfast – 250 ml/8.4 oz. of plain water, one cup of a green tea, a cup of oat flakes mixed with a tablespoon of linseed, 200 ml /6.7 oz. of almond milk, half a cup of freshly grained fruits like  
  • Lunch 250 ml/8.4 oz. of water, 250 grams of grilled hake, two cups of salad (tomato, arugula, green) with lemon juice, Swiss chard with potatoes on olive oil and potatoes, one small banana and, 2 slices of melon.
  • Snack 250 ml/8.4 oz. of water, 180 ml/6 oz. ordinary yogurt, ¼ cup of pumpkin seeds, and an apple.
  • Dinner 150 grams of grilled tuna, a little integral pastry, ½ cup of steamed broccoli, 2 cups salad with olive oil and lemon juice, and 250 ml of water.


  • Breakfast 200 ml of diet yogurt, one cup of oat flakes mixes with a tablespoon of linseed, pear, and one cup of green tea.
  • Snack 1 grapefruit.
  • Lunch 250 ml of plain water, vegetable soup made of celery, potato, beans, onions, carrot, and pepper, 200 grams of grilled chicken breasts, and 150 grams of a pickle.
  • Dinner Beet and carrot salad with lemon juice, a little integral pastry, and nettle tea.

Note: In addition to performing a detox, you also need to have more physical activities such as walking, running, and swimming.

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