Healing Spicy Drink for Many Ailments that Cleanses the Body of Toxins

In this article, we will present you a recipe for a natural drink that has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. This mixture is perfect for detoxification, and can also be used in the treatment of many diseases.

Here are the ingredients and a few words about them:

  • Ginger

For thousands of years, ginger has been used in the treatment of nausea, gasses, hangover, and digestive issues. Some recent studies have shown that ginger is highly effective in protecting the gastric mucosa, treating vomiting, and improving many inflammatory conditions.

Here you can find a recipe for ginger-apple-lemon juice, which is great for colon cleanse: (http://besthealthyguide.com/3-juice-colon-cleanse-apple-ginger-lemon-can-flush-pounds-toxins-body/)

  • Turmeric

This healing spice has strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. The key substance in turmeric is curcumin, which is an active ingredient that gives turmeric its golden color and most of its medicinal properties. Turmeric is effective in the treatment of many diseases due to its many vitamins and minerals. The only downside of turmeric is its low bioavailability in the body. But luckily, however, there are few ways which can help improve the absorption of turmeric in the body. Click here for more info: (http://besthealthyguide.com/must-read-ever-using-turmeric/)

  • Cinnamon

What’s amazing about cinnamon is that not only it tastes and smells good, but it also has many health benefits.  When you buy cinnamon, always opt for Ceylon cinnamon because it is the best variety.

You can find more info about cinnamon here: (http://besthealthyguide.com/less-known-facts-about-cinnamon/)

  • Extra Virgin Coconut oil

Coconuts are full of nutritional benefits due to their high amount of natural medium chain saturated fatty acid. As a result of these fats, extra virgin coconut oil has the ability to detox your body and destroy internal parasites such as flukes and giardia.
Although most people use coconut oil in their smoothies or other beverages, this amazing oil can also be used in many different ways. Here is just one example (http://besthealthyguide.com/cauliflower-rice-recipe/)

  • Honey

Raw honey has strong antibacterial properties that can help treat many infections. Regular consumption of honey also reduces emotional stress and promotes weight loss. Moreover, honey is also a good source enzymes, proteins, vitamins and minerals such as iron, phosphorus, copper, potassium and sodium, which are very important for your overall health.

Note: There are many fake brands of honey in the market nowadays. Here are few tips which will help you find out whether your honey is organic: (http://besthealthyguide.com/studies-show-fake-honey-is-everywhere-here-are-8-tricks-to-tell-if-your-honey-is-truly-natural-2/)

Healing Spicy Drink for Many Ailments that Cleanses the Body of Toxins

Here is The Miraculous Recipe:


  • 1 cup of warm water
  • 1 tsp of honey
  • 1 tsp of coconut oil
  • 1/2 tsp of turmeric powder
  • 1/2 tsp of ginger powder
  • 1/2 tsp of cinnamon powder


Mix all the ingredients until they blend together. Leave the mixture to rest for a while and then you can consume it.

Sources: http://www.healthyandnaturalworld.com/healing-turmeric-ginger-cinnamon-tea-for-numerous-diseases/