They Said Apple Cider Vinegar Is Great For You, But This Is What They Didn’t Tell You

Apple cider vinegar is not just a common kitchen ingredient. This amazing vinegar is also well known for its ability to treat numerous health problems.

They Said Apple Cider Vinegar Is Great For You, But This Is What They Didn’t Tell You

Yet, note that you should always use it with caution as it is highly acidic and may cause a serious damage to your teeth enamel.

This article provides information about the most significant uses of ACV for your health and wellbeing:

  1. Arthritis

Add 2 teaspoons of honey and 2 teaspoons of ACV in a glass of water, and mix until well combined. To relieve arthritis pain, consume this mixture 3 times daily. Moreover, you can also soak an arthritic hand, or foot in a hot solution of ACV for 10 minutes, three times a day (1/4 cup of ACV to 1 ½ cups of water)

  1. Diarrhea

Drink a mixture of 2 tablespoons of ACV and 8 ounces of water 2-3 times a day to get rid of diarrhea.

  1. Eye Health

In order to relieve sore and tired eyes, you should consume a mixture of 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 2 teaspoons of honey three times daily.

  1. Dizziness

Apple cider vinegar can also help lower blood glucose levels and blood pressure, which makes it an ideal natural remedy for the treatment of vertigo and dizziness. Two teaspoons of ACV along with two teaspoons of honey in a glass of cold water 3 times a day will help you deal with this annoying occurrence. Note that there are won’t be instant results, as nature works slowly, yet quite effectively. Instead, you should expect a lessened intensity within a day or two.

  1. Eczema

Drink of mixture of 1 tsp ACV, 1 tsp honey, and water 3 times a day in order to treat eczema.

  1. Heartburn

It is recommended to drink a mixture of a teaspoon of ACV and water before meals in order to relieve reflux and heartburn.

  1. Blood Clotting

Apple cider vinegar has the ability to stimulate the natural process of blood clotting, so drink 2 tablespoons of ACV in a glass full of water 3 times a day to stop persistent nose bleeding.

  1. Insomnia

Drink a mixture of a tablespoon of ACV and 8 ounces of water before bed to fall asleep faster.

  1. Hair Loss

You may find it hard to believe but ACV also stimulates hair growth and balances the pH levels of the scalp. Moreover, it also prevents dandruff, treats itchy scalp, and can help you get rid of dead skin cells which clog the follicles of the hair. All these hair issues can be effectively treated by regular consumption of a teaspoon of ACV mixed with a glassful of water during or between your meals.

  1. Food Poisoning

Apple cider vinegar soothes GI lining and can destroy bacteria that can cause food poisoning. For best results, you should drink a mixture of 2 tablespoons of ACV in a cup of water before meals.

  1. Hiccoughs (Hiccups)

In order to prevent hiccups, drink a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water before meals.

  1. Hay Fever

Drink a mixture of 3 tablespoons of ACV and water twice a day to reduce the symptoms of hay fever.

  1. Ear Discharge

Combine water and ACV in equal amounts, dip a cotton ball into it, and place it on the painful ear. Leave it for about 5 minutes and then lie down on the side in order to drain the liquid out. This simple procedure can effectively treat ear discharge.

  1. Hearing

Apple cider vinegar can be very helpful in the treatment of hearing problems due to its high amount of zinc, magnesium, manganese, and potassium. Therefore, you should consume 3 glasses of water with a teaspoon of ACV and a teaspoon of honey, three times during the day.