The Surprising Reason Why Cinnamon is Actually Better than Ibuprofen When It Comes to Killing Pain

Why should you use a pain killer with numerous side effects, when there are natural alternatives that are safer and often have the same efficiency?

A new Iranian study published in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research has shown that cinnamon powder can effectively reduce symptoms of painful periods (primary dysmenorrhea) in college age students.

In the study, titled “Comparative effect of cinnamon and Ibuprofen for treatment of primary dysmenorrhea: a randomized double-blind clinical trial”, 114 women were given either a 400 mg of Ibuprofen, 420 mg of cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum), or a starch placebo. The researchers monitored both pain intensity and duration in all participants, with the results reported as follows:

 “The mean pain severity score and mean duration of pain in Ibuprofen and Cinnamon were less than placebo group respectively (p< 0.001). Of 4 hours after the intervention, there were no statistically significant differences between the Cinnamon and placebo group (p> 0.05). Of eight hours after the intervention, the mean pain severity in the cinnamon group was significantly lower than the placebo group (p< 0.001). At various time intervals, the mean pain severity in the Ibuprofen group was significantly less than Cinnamon and placebo groups (p< 0.001).”

  • Cinnamon Has the Ability To Reduce Pain

The researchers concluded that when compared with placebo, cinnamon is far more effective in reducing the severity and duration of the pain during menstruation. But, this effect was lower when compared with Ibuprofen.

Yet, the researchers added that Cinnamon can still be regarded as a safe and effective treatment for primary dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps).

  • So, What Makes Cinnamon a Better Alternative than Ibuprofen?

When comparing the effects of Cinnamon and Ibuprofen, besides the pain-relieving properties, it is also very important to take into account the potential side effects.

According to some recent analysis, only the cardiovascular side effects of Ibuprofen are responsible for the death of thousands of people each year. Unlike Ibuprofen, the use of Cinnamon is 100% safe and won’t cause any of side effects which are commonly associated with the use of medication.

What’s more, Cinnamon can even help reduce blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Both of these health-boosting properties of Cinnamon will actually help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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